1. The Silicon Valley blacklist

    The Silicon Valley blacklist

    First, engineer Susan Fowler came forward about her time at Uber, where she says the company ignored her numerous reports of sexual harassment. Then, three female founders, Niniane Wang, Susan Ho and Leiti Hsu, came forward about their negative experiences of sexual harassment and unwanted advances with Justin Caldbeck, co-founder of Binary Capital. And just on Friday, the New York Times…

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    1. I saw some of you confused by the timing of my original post.
    2. If anyone sees a venture capitalist behaving differently from this standard, they should disclose this information to their colleagues as appropriate – just as one would if one saw a manager interacting inappropriately with an employee, or a college professor with a student.
    3. I think post-seed round, it's less likely to get sexually harassed because then you've already built your network in Silicon Valley.
    4. What makes me sad there is that when people are just trying to get started that they're getting turned away or scared away before they even have the opportunity to start building a product.
    5. Investors know that if we've heard from any founders that they've behaved badly, they are out of the network.
    6. We only got one or two submissions on that form.
    7. We are now seeing a few more come in.
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