1. Machine Learning to Solve Social Media Trolling and the Spread of Misinformation

    Although social media trolling has been a problem since it was first introduced, until recently, many social media giants were doing their best to manage it, but that wasn’t quite enough.

    Twitter has been struggling with negative publicity regarding bullying and tolling since July when Milo Yiannopoulos and others began harassing Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones. In August, American gymnast Gabby Douglas was targeted with several racist tweets.

    But Twitter’s problems with its free speech policy extend beyond trolling, a number of times misinformation has been spread throughout the platform. Although it’s users’ responsibility to stay informed and decipher what may or may not be true, Twitter is starting to utilize machine learning for its new quality filter, which was introduced to stop trolling and the spread of misinformation. The filter also hides notifications from bots and spam tweets.

    KnowMore is a third-party alternative to negative tweets. The Brooklyn-based app provides users with the ability to share and mute block lists among subscribers and creates a blacklist that anyone can subscribe to. It also uses machine learning to function properly.

    Block Together is another third-party alternative used to reduce the burden of blocking when many accounts are attacking your organization or when a few accounts are attacking a number of accounts in a community. Users can also share their blocked lists with others as well. The service also allows users auto-block accounts that are less than seven days old or have 15 or fewer followers, which helps combat the spread of misinformation.

    Facebook Inc.-owned Instagram is another social media giant that’s struggled to block negative comments in the past. The company introduced a new tool to the public and allows any account manager to filter comments with negative words from being posted on their photos. Certain celebrities and organizations have had this option for a while, but the machine learning-based feature is rolling out publicly this week. 

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